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#1 Trusted Air Conditioner Maintenance Service Provider in Lafayette, Louisiana

Lafayette, Louisiana experiences very hot and humid summers. Thus, having a reliable and well-functioning air conditioner is essential to surviving the summer heat.

Your air conditioner works hard all summer to keep you cool and comfortable. That’s why it’s important to have regular air conditioner maintenance performed each year.

At Legacy Cooling and Heating, we provide air conditioning maintenance that can keep your system running smoothly and help save you money on energy bills.

Advantages of Air Conditioner Maintenance

It’s not uncommon for Lafayette homeowners to forget about their air conditioners until they stop working. However, by scheduling regular maintenance appointments, you can avoid the inconvenience and expense of a breakdown.


A well-maintained AC unit will run more efficiently, resulting in lower utility bills.


A properly serviced AC unit will last longer and require fewer repairs.

Equipment Life

An air conditioner that is well-maintained will have a longer lifespan.


You will enjoy cooler and more comfortable indoor temperatures all summer long.

Legacy Cooling and Heating can help you keep your air conditioner in good working order with our comprehensive air conditioner maintenance services. Our maintenance service includes cleaning and checking all components of your AC unit to ensure optimal performance. Our skilled technicians will inspect your unit, clean it, and make any necessary repairs.

What Does Air Conditioner Maintenance Involve?

Our maintenance service includes the following:

Inspection of all components

We will check furnaces, evaporator coils, condensers, and ductwork for any signs of wear or damage.

Cleaning of all components

We will clean the inside and outside of your AC unit, as well as the filters.

Lubrication of moving parts

We will lubricate all moving parts, including the fan motor.

Cleaning Drain Line

We will clean the drain line to ensure proper drainage.

Tightening of screws and bolts

We will tighten all screws and bolts to ensure that your AC unit is securely attached.

Checking thermostats

We will test the thermostat to ensure that it is working properly.

Checking air quality

We will test the air quality to ensure that there are no harmful particles in the air.

Checking for leaks

We will check for any air leaks and seal them.

Checking refrigerant levels

We will check the refrigerant levels and recharge them if necessary.

After our technicians have finished servicing your AC unit, they will provide you with a list of any recommended repairs or replacement parts.

You can trust Legacy Cooling and Heating to keep your AC unit in good working order. Schedule an appointment today!

Why Choose Us?

Legacy Cooling and Heating is the leading provider of air conditioner maintenance services in Lafayette, Louisiana. For over three generations, we’ve been providing a range of quality air conditioning and air duct services and solutions. That way, our clients can stay comfortable all year round!

Skilled Technicians

Our team of skilled technicians has the knowledge and experience to properly maintain any make or model of air conditioner.

Comprehensive Services

We offer a comprehensive range of AC maintenance services that will keep your unit in good working order all summer long.

Convenient Scheduling

We offer convenient scheduling so that you can get your AC unit serviced at a time that is convenient for you.

Fast and Reliable Professionals

Lafayette homeowners rely on us for fast and reliable air conditioner maintenance services.

Affordable Pricing

We offer competitive pricing on all our services. We are one of the most affordable air conditioning maintenance services in Lafayette

When it comes to air conditioner maintenance, Lafayette homeowners can trust Legacy Cooling and Heating to keep their units in good working order. We offer comprehensive services that include inspection, cleaning, and lubrication of all components. Our skilled technicians are experienced in servicing all makes and models of air conditioners.

We have three generations of experience servicing all makes and models of AC units. Our skilled technicians are available 24/7 to provide you with the best possible service.

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